Headstone Tennis Club is pleased to announce details of Headstone Tennis Club’s 2020 Club Championships. Please ensure you read and continue to adhere to the latest guidance when visiting the Club and playing any matches. The latest guidance can be found here.


  • Entries close at midnight Mon 15th June 2020
  • The events start on the 20th June and ends on 26thSept ‘20
  • Only enter if you are available for Finals Day on Sat 26thSept ’20 (plus the spare day on 27/9)
  • The make of tennis ball used in all events will be the ‘Slazenger Wimbledon UltraVis’. Balls must be of a similar condition when using shared balls and agreed at the start by all players. The club will provide balls for the Semi-Finals and Final. All fees (£3 per event) must be paid in full by 2nd August 2020.
  • The Mens’ Singles – Ladies Doubles – Mens’ Doubles – Mixed Doubles will be the best of three sets (7 point tie-break at 6 – 6 in all three sets)
  • The Veterans Events (singles & doubles) will be the best of three sets with a Championship tie-break (first to 10 leading by 2 clear pts) instead of a normal third set
  • The Ladies Singles will be a Round Robin Table Event with a Short Set format in the group stages. This short set will be first to 4 leading by 2 games (nb sets can be won 5-3), at 4-4 a 7 point tie break decides the set. This applies to all 3 sets.  The semi-finals will be played over the best of three normal sets (tie-break 6 all in all 3 sets)
  • All matches in each round are to be completed by the play by date clearly indicated on each draw sheet
  • It is the responsibility of both sets of players involved to contact their opponents to make arrangements to play. This can be done through the whatsapp group otherwise via Tina Murray (07790 233451). In the Men’s doubles (includes Veteran’s) the first named player in each pair is responsible for contacting the opponents
  • If a match is not played by the end of the play by date the player/s on the top of the draw will go through to the next round there will be no extensions
  • Courts are to be reserved through the Clubspark booking system – please release the court if your match is rearranged
  • If a match is being played and the light level is decreasing then both players can agree to complete at another time
  • ALL RESULTS are to be posted on a new HLTC Tournament Results Whatsapp group which you will be added to. Alternatively, you may enter the result directly onto the draw sheet or text the result to D Charman on 07899 661525
  • Access to view the draws will be available through the club website – see below
  • All trophies are to be presented at the ‘Presentation Evening’ date TBC please try and be there
  • If there are any issues with any matches contact David Charman prior to the play by date – not after
  • All decisions or adjudications made by the Match & Tournament Committee will be final

We ask all players involved to keep up to date with the LTA guidelines and adhere to Headstones announcements and bulletins on changes to the playing conditions or use of the courts and club facilities

As we are all aware the use of recreational facilities may change at any time we will endeavour to do our best to adapt if necessary throughout the duration of the  tournament to reach finals day. This will only be achieved through cooperation and flexibility amongst the participants


The draw for the Club Championships can be accessed from the ‘Members Area’ of the website which is located under the ‘The Club’ section within the website or by clicking here.

Please note the ‘Members Area’ is password protected which can be located in the invitation email.