Updated: 14 May 2020

In accordance with Government and LTA Guidelines, Headstone Tennis Club will reopen on Saturday 16 May 2020 for restricted tennis play. The Committee has taken action to make sure the club is safe before reopening.

The Committee want you all to be able to enjoy your tennis and at the same time keeping yourself and fellow members safe.  It is for this reason it is essential that you follow the regulations and take note of signage around the club.

Please take time to read and review the following guidance to ensure you are adhering to the regulations and stay safe:

At all times, players should adhere to the Government’s social distancing guidelines
(staying at least 2m away from others), and practice public health advice for hygiene.

Please read carefully the guidance which has been prepared by the LTA for tennis players prior to visiting the tennis club: LTA Guidance for Tennis Players – COVID-19 Further guidance is available including LTA Guidance for Coaching and Venues, which can be accessed here.


  • All five courts will be available for play via a booking system.
  • The gates to the courts will be open from 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. every day. This ensures that you do not have to touch the gates to obtain access.
  • On entering and exiting courts you must follow the 2 metre social distancing guideline which also applies on court, the carpark and the patio.
  • The nets will be set at the correct height, so no touching necessary.
  • The benches around the entire club and courts are out of use. The arbours on the courts will be taped so please do not try to use these.


  • The clubhouse is locked and off limits. The only reason entry would be allowed is, if there is an emergency, where first aid or the defibrillator is needed.
  • There will be no toilet or changing facilities.
  • Water is available from the outside tap.


  • You must come changed ready to play. There are no changing facilities in the clubhouse.
  • Bring your own racquets. No borrowing any equipment
  • Bring your own personally marked balls which only you can touch, other balls will have to be sent to your opponent using your racquet or feet.
  • Bring your own sanitizer gel/wipes /soap. Use it to wipe down your equipment including racquets and water bottles before and after use.
  • Have a bag to put your clothes and belongings in. Do not use taped off benches,  nets or court hooks to hang your clothes on.
  • ENSURE THAT YOU TAKE ALL YOUR BELONGINGS WITH YOU. Do not leave anything on court.


  • SINGLES PLAY: You are only allowed to play singles with current members of Headstone Tennis Club. (They do not need to be a member of your household)
  • DOUBLES PLAY: This is only possible with members of your own household, who must also be current members of Headstone Tennis Club. ALL FOUR PLAYERS MUST BE FROM THE SAME HOUSEHOLD.
  • On arriving please stay in your car until the previous players have left the premises. There can be no hanging around chatting as this would be contrary to the guidelines that we are asking you to follow.
  • When on court ensure that you cross on opposite sides of the net to avoid close contact.
  • Only touch or pick up your own personally marked balls and only use these to serve. Use your racquet or feet to touch other balls
  • Use your sanitizer to clean your hands and equipment after play.
  • Please adhere to your playing time and vacate the courts promptly to allow the players in the next slot to enter the courts.


  • All five courts will available to book sessions
  • There is a court booking system via ClubSpark
  • There will be one hour slots allowing 50 minutes of play with a 10minute changeover.
  • You will only be allowed to book a maximum of two hours per session and 10 hours over 7 days (this will be continually reviewed by the Committee).
  • Juniors will be allowed to play, following the same guidelines, before 6 p.m. during the week and after 4 p.m. at weekends. This will not restrict adult members from booking and playing at the same time.
  • By booking a court you are deemed to be agreeing to abide by the all the regulations above which will be constantly under review.


  • Court Booking for Headstone Tennis Club via ClubSpark and you will need to register.
  • You should receive a personal invitation detailing how to register (alternatively it is possible to register directly through the link below)
  • The court booking system can be accessed from here: Headstone Tennis Club Court Booking System or alternatively through the website, where there is a link at the top of any page on the website
  • Once registered, you can book a court through your phone by downloading the ‘ClubSpark Booker’ app on AppStore for iPhone and Google Play store for android phones. Simply log in with your registered details.


Access the court booking system via Headstone Tennis Club Court Booking System  or through the website where there is a link to the court booking system at the top of the page:

  1. Sign in (top righthand corner of the screen).
  2. Enter your Login
  3. Book Your Court by clicking on an available court.
  4. Specify end time
  5. Click on Book Now.

You will receive an email confirming your court booking. If it has not arrived, please check your spam or junk mail folders.


1 a. The 1st way is to click on the ‘My bookings’ tab on the booking sheet.

1b. The 2nd way is to return to your email confirmation, go to the bottom of your email and Click here to manage bookings.

  1. Click the ‘cancel’ tab adjacent to the booking you would like to cancel.